Winter Skincare under INR 100

Hey there,

Winter is around the corner and I decided to let you beautiful ladies know of the under INR 100 best beauty products because that skin needs no primer or foundation ❤ 


Face :

  1. Ponds Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam  20gms INR 28 
  2. Ponds White Beauty Blemish Balm Fairness Cream  9 gms INR 56
  3. L’Oreal Paris Age 20+ Skin Perfect Cream UV Filters  INR 79
  4. Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser INR 84,  50 gms
  5. Iba Halal Care Aloe Aqua Refreshing Face Spray  INR 84
  6. Johnson’s Baby Cream INR 41 for 30 ml

  7.  Votre 3 In 1 Creme Cleanser  INR 94

  8. Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask – Strawberry  INR 100

 Lip Care:
  1. Nivea Essential Lip Care Balm INR 45
  2. Vedic Line Lip Salve Orange  INR 68

Night Cream:

  1. Ponds Moisturising Cold Cream 30 ml INR 44

  2. Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Butter Body Lotion  INR 90

Bath Routine:

  1. Lux Soft Touch Moisturising Body Wash INR 56 100 ml
  2. Aloe Veda Nourishing Aloe Vera Skin Gel With Green Tea Extracts & Vitamin E Beads INR 77
  3. Johnson’s Baby Oil With Vitamin E INR 45

You can get this entire collection at NYKAA  and they have their new range of Christmas Discounts of 40% at different products coming up. Go grab yours 😛

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Hey there,

Okay first I would like to say HOLYYYYYYY SHITTTTT. What did Nykaa start off with?

The moment I saw Versace and at Nykaa, I had to get it. 

I got hold of La Exotique for WOMEN and Italia Prive Oudh for MEN( Don’t judge me) 

Versace has come out with a new go to go perfume and it has 3 women shades and 9 men shades. you heard it right guys, you have more options to choose from.


La Exotique for WOMEN reviews:


  2. It has a fruity fragrance and lingers around like a deep exotic perfume
  3. Mildly feels heavy 
  4. Packaging is really sassy for gifting. Like seriously!


  1. Lasts up to 6-7 hours which I think gives it a more deodorant standard review not to be classified under mists or perfumes
  2. IT IS NOT A MIST, so when you spray, you end up spraying like an AXE content sprays. 😛


Italia Prive Oudh for MEN reviews:

  1. Its more or less like those premium AXE deodorants with a VERSACE tag but honestly the smell is really a girl candy 😛
  2. For men, it stayed for really long like more than 24 hours.
  3. Smell is pretty masculine.

You can get the perfume at Nykaa  and is priced at INR 495. Go grab yours 😀 

I love you guys so much and keep twinkling. Do let me know what you feel, comment down below, like, share and follow 😀

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