Detox Face mask

Fuschia’s one of the best creations -Detox Face mask. ..An activated charcoal mask with all natural ingredients. .. Pros:Smells like rose water.1. Very smooth in texture, so mix it with water for application. 2. Travel size packaging, so very convenient to carry.3. Dries around 4-5 minutes after application so you wipe it off with wipes or simply wash it.4. Helps to open pores, very effective around the nose area.5. Got such a long shelf life.  6. Cruelty free ❤ I tried and tested this for around a week to do justice to the product. I think its a value for money and an amazing detox mask, especially when its so effective to open up the pores. I love you guys so much and keep twinkling. Do let me know what you feel, comment down below, like, share and follow my instagram if you haven’t to get updates everyday 😀 (P.S. we all procrastinate) Signing off,Twinkle RoyMy Instagram: Blog: 

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