{@Gulnare‘s Gold Dust Highlighter}



I feel its a game changer product because I honestly thought it would be like a loose powder. It is creamy in texture and you can apply it with your fingers and easily blend it.🌹💓



  1. Creamy in texture, very smooth.

  2. Perfect for Indian skin tones

  3. Can be used for highlighting and light contouring.

  4. Travel size

  5. Minimalistic packaging

  6. Smells really good.

  7. It is crafted from 100% natural mineral powders and can be used for multi purposes 💕


  1. Not very pigmented like I would have to rub it thrice or may four times to get the colour out.

I have been using this highlighter for quite some time now, it is really long lasting, gives a really subtle effect on my skin. I stays with a tinge of golden glow. i love how it blends with my skin. I am not a foundation or a primer person. I believe in keeping my skin free of make up as much as I can and keep it healthy. So this somehow I think would come out even better with a foundation and a primer on. Please subscribe to my channel as I would be uploading a video on it up there. A myntra Haul coming soon ❤
Here’s a close up picture with the highlighter on:


Snooping Gummy



Rudolph Nyx Cosmetics Look

The RUDOLPH Look #15DaysofNYX#nyxcosmetics_in#nyxcosmetics

Products used:

@makeuprevolution Smokey eyes Palette used. 

Jefree Star Palette used for the golden effect and the nose.

@Nyx soft matte lipcream for the lips. 

I believe in this skin needs no foundation or primer. So I haven’t used any foundation ,concealer, primer or highlighter. Let me know what look should I do next 🙈🙈💕 

Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 21.16.33


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Btw, please drop a comment down below if you guys want me to recreate this look in my channel. 10 comments and I will 😛 Subscribe to My channel as I will be uploading the video there! 😀 


Snooping Gummy 

L’Oréal Magique Bold Kajal

{L’Oréal Magique Bold Kajal} . ..Pros:1. It is very smooth to apply and unlike the other kajals I have used, i dont have to reapply this one. One stroke is sufficient. So yeah, it does justice to its name. 2. Claims to be a 14 hour kajal3. Smudge proof4. The packaging is nothing extravagant, very minimalistic.Cons:1. I had HIGH expectations from this one. So yes it is really bold and black but it is NOT water resistant.2. Priced at INR 350, so i dont really see the worth of buying this one. ????3. I think it is a 14 hour long kajal unless it does not rain, you dont sweat and obviously you dont rub your eyes. L’Oréal has really better products like the infallible series. @lorealindia I would rate this product a 6.5/10. Love,Twinkle Roy

Source: L’Oréal Magique Bold Kajal

Holiday Look?

Holiday look:  probably will be doing this for a Date Night?Eyes:Jefree Star Palette: Beauty Killer MAC holiday PaletteMakeup Revolution London Redemption Palette Thank you guys for the support, I have been working with a couple of new products lately. I did not use any brushes for the eye make up look. I prefer not using any brushes as I feel that they turn out the best without any brushes. Blends well with fingers the most. Let me know how you guys like your eye makeup on? Blog link: twinkleroy.wordpress.comLove,Twinkle Roy

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Inatur Herbals – Hand and Nail Cream

Thank you @inaturherbals for sending me this beautiful PR package. Reviews:The product has a very fruity smell and lasts pretty long. I have been using this for a day and I really love it. ????Non sticky, so honestly you can use it after a hand scrub and then go for a home manicure. Its a hand cream so it strengthens your cuticle, let me know if you want a tutorial on this. No parabenNo sulphateNo animal fat100% organicThe best part of it is that the packaging is very sleek, so behind the tube you can find the miligram dosage of all the 5 herbs that has been used. ( Honey, Calendula, Shea Butter, Olive Oil and Vitamin E)I have been regularly using this nail cream every night before sleep without fail and I am a sucker for deep smells. I mean you know when something that lingers around and you cannot get over it? It really makes your nail tips white just like french tips in seconds and has made them strong. I have really soft nails, which break really easily so it has not happened from the past month at least. No more yellow nail colour effects on nails. I would say this nail cream is all in one 8.5/10. Btw, what you guys doing tonight for Valentines day? ;)Love,Twinkle Roy 

Source: Inatur Herbals – Hand and Nail Cream

Detox Face mask

Fuschia’s one of the best creations -Detox Face mask. ..An activated charcoal mask with all natural ingredients. .. Pros:Smells like rose water.1. Very smooth in texture, so mix it with water for application. 2. Travel size packaging, so very convenient to carry.3. Dries around 4-5 minutes after application so you wipe it off with wipes or simply wash it.4. Helps to open pores, very effective around the nose area.5. Got such a long shelf life.  6. Cruelty free ❤ I tried and tested this for around a week to do justice to the product. I think its a value for money and an amazing detox mask, especially when its so effective to open up the pores. I love you guys so much and keep twinkling. Do let me know what you feel, comment down below, like, share and follow my instagram if you haven’t to get updates everyday 😀 (P.S. we all procrastinate) Signing off,Twinkle RoyMy Instagram: Blog: 

Source: Detox Face mask

Qtrove PR Package : Christmas Goodies


I received my PR generous goodies from @qtrove. This is their Cocosutra’s Hot Chocolate Blend – Swiss vanilla. As much as yumm it looks, it tastes also super yumm. The best part about this is its rich cocoa blend with the nest aroma. I love how my entire room was smelling of chocolate. God, yum. You can use it from frosting and fondues as well. Priced at INR 97. ANDDDD, you will get 15% off using code “TWINKLER” with your purchase. Get yours and let me know how heaven tastes like. 💕💕 Blog link:

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Chanel Palette

The Chanel Rougé series. You can get yours from any outlet. Got mine from The South City Mall, Calcutta. Honestly great pigmentation, I hardly use it because omg its Chanel. Engraved interlocked C in white on the scratch proof casing. The six colour swatches will be up on my blog. Check the next post to see the colours 💕💕 The shades are metallic and soft matte.


Chanel Rougé series colours are three matte and three metallic colours. You can see I have hardly used any though. I would suggest to wet your brush a little to give a ombre effect for your matte colours . Organic polymer derivative ensure a smudge proof long wear even in humidity. Dermatologist tested and safe for contact wearers. The shades are very contrasting. Priced – INR 3800 🙈🙈💕


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