Winter Haul!!!

Hey there,

I got the WINTER HAUL, finallyyyy!!

I have been waiting up for this from a pretty long time2016-12-17_15-54-14

Oooooooo, I am so EXCITEDDDD OoooO!!

I got the Jeffree Star Cosmetics – Beauty Killer, Two MAC Cosmetics Kohl and HUDA liquid Matte shade – Cheer Leader. 

Jeffree Star Cosmetics – Beauty Killer

  1. Damn Girl, the shades are so pigmented and pretttyyyy. 
  2. I honestly got it a little damaged in transit but makeup magic_ind was s sweet to give me a part refund for the pan damage. Girl, I got your back. 
  3. The swatches as you can see is pretty pigmented and buttery.
  4. I personally LOVE the packaging, it has tiny mirror and has a magnetic swap to the palette so like in case any of your pans are indeed damaged, it won’t all out and spoil the other pans or out into your bag. 
  5. Best for Ombre effect, Let me know if you wanna see me create one of the effects 😀

MAC Cosmetics Kohl

  1. What can I say? I have been using this since I don’t know when, really matte, feels like an eyeliner.
  2. Can create smudge effect and very neat in its packaging


HUDA liquid Matte shade – Cheer Leader. 

  1. First, such a holiday RED shade ❤
  2. Honestly, its my first time using HUDA and I really can compare it to the Kylie Shades. 
  3. It does not definitely dry as fast as Kylie shades do but yeah it does have a beautiful matte finish.
  4. I noticed it being a little smudgy in water like when I wipe my lips off, it was wearing off all around my lips and transferring into my chin area, but the colour definitely did not wear off. You have to be careful a little.
  5. A 10 hour go to go shade
  6. No teeth transfer 

I would like to thank makeup magic_ind for sending me these beautiful shades, I am in love with their products and they are priced so well. 



You can get this entire collection at makeup magic_ind and they have their new range of Christmas Discounts coming up. Go grab yours 😀 

I love you guys so much and keep twinkling. Do let me know what you feel, comment down below, like, share and follow😀

Signing off

Twinkle Roy


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